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"First time I weighed myself since New Year's, so 1 week of getting used to the gym, and 2 weeks of the diet and workouts from Shaneve, and I'm down 11 lbs so far :) "


"I wanted to say I enjoyed working with you soooo much!! The workouts were enjoyable, the food was awseom, and let's talk about these results :) :) You defintely simplifed plant protein for me and I love it!! I look forward to working with you again soon.

Much love to you. Thank you Shaneve.


"Thank you for inspiring me to go further with my fitness journey, You inspired me to get fit, strong, and toned like you are!"


"Working with Shaneve gave me the motivation I needed to stay committed to the lifestyle I wanted to live. She was always encouraging and there for me when I had questions! Working with her made it easier to get through my busy day and make time for everything."


"Working with Shaneve I had a fantastic experince. Will I had been vegan for 10 years at the time and a frequent gym-goer, I was struggling to figure out how to lose stuborn belly fat, while also gaining muscle. Shaneve was extrememly helpful, particularly when it came to helping me to develop a meal plan that would allow me to maximize my protein intake while staying withing my target calorie range. She provided numerous workout tips as well as tasty recipe ideas, which made it easy for me to stick to my macros and to start seeing results."


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