Meet Shaneve


I am Shaneve Swift. I am a proud Belizean, an NFF Bikini Pro, Financial Analyst and entrepreneur. I very passionate about helping people and believe each person deserves a great life with optimal health.

As a former nationally ranked collegiate track and field athlete and MS in  Accounting, I understand the fundamentals in running and resistance training and have a very analytical approach to training and plant-based nutrition. When going after a specific health goal having everything accounted for does a world of difference.

I have constructed unique programs that incorporate my experience as a professional athlete and plant-based nutrition background from several years. I always emphasize a holistic and sustainable approach to living a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to prove not only to myself that I can live a healthy compassionate life but also to everyone around me. I knew that I must contribute to help spread the knowledge of compassion and improve peoples lives through a plant-based lifestyle! 

I am loving every minute of helping change people's lives to become healthier, more compassionate and energetic human beings we were meant to be.