Meet Shaneve


I there! My name is Shaneve. I was born in the beautiful country of Belize then moved here to the United States at an early age. I was always taught at a young age the importance of a good education and proper nutrition and it always stuck with me.  

I am a former collegiate track athlete and graduated with a Masters Degree in Accounting. I then started in the workforce and developed some unhealthy habits. I was constantly tired, unhappy with my job and would get sick quite often. 

During this time I was introduced to a documentary called Cowspiracy. This led to several more documentaries on health and extensive research online about veganism and our crippling health in today's society. This was the turning point in my life. I wanted to prove not only to myself that I can live a healthy compassionate life but also to everyone around me. My days have sickness and unhappiness were over. I knew that I must contribute to help spread the knowledge of compassion and improve peoples lives through Veganism! 

I am now a full time online coach, NFF Bikini Pro, and entrepreneur. I am loving every minute of helping change people's lives to become healthier, more compassionate and energetic human beings we were meant to be. 

Let's continue raising awareness and make this world a better place :D