Custom Programs


I am a full-time WORLDWIDE Vegan coach and I program very detailed meal/workout plans. I offer a variety of options for clients so I can help them with their specific goals/needs. The programs I write are easy for clients to follow and I give a bit of flexibility. 

Below you will see my packages. Take a look and decide if it will work for you! Everything is customized to your needs, goals, and body type specifically. Every meal, snack, supplement recommendation, and workout will be listed for you. All you have to do is follow the plan!

*Custom workout means I will create a gym workout program, home program with weights you own, or home workout with no weights required. I will add in your favorite group classes into your program (local zumba class, cycling, swimming, etc.) so you don't have to miss out on those! 

*Custom meal plan includes a detailed vegan meal plan based on your needs. I will make sure not to include certain foods if you have allergies, intolerances, or sensitivity. 

If you are interested please pick your package and submit payment. Please put in the note section your EMAIL ADDRESS and FULL NAME. I will then send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out so I can better serve you. 

Once I send you your custom program, you will have access to my email that is for CLIENTS ONLY so you will be able to reach me faster with any questions you may have!  

Each meal and training package includes:

  • Vegan Meal Plan 
  • Training plan 
  • Vegan Supplement Recommendations
  • Vegan Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Guide lines for Nutrition


If you do not want a package, I also offer "Training Only" as well as "Vegan Meal Plan Only" that do not include all of the extra features.

Each package is customized to your needs and goals specifically! You receive a new and adjusted meal/training plan every 4-6 weeks depending on goals and progress. Remember this is to help start you and guide you in the right direction and will only see progress if you stay committed! Its all up to you! 

Package must be paid in full when you decide which one you want before your plan is sent to you!